Benefits Of Office 365 For Schools
The benefits a school will garner from Microsoft Office 365 overlap in many ways with the benefits a business might receive. In addition, there are a few advantages specific to school environments.

Cloud Storage
In the same way the application itself is hosted in the cloud, all data saved by faculty and students using Microsoft products can be saved to the cloud as well. Among other things, this reduces the amount of data storage equipment the school will need to power, cool, and maintain in their own data center environment.
Access Anytime, Anywhere, from Any Device
Hosting all your school files or student files in the cloud may sound like a hindrance. The assumption is that with the file in your possession on a flash drive or other storage device, you have greater control of when and how you interact with your files. The truth is that so long as you have an internet connection, you can connect to Office 365, and your files. This means that students can write their papers in the classroom and at home on whatever device they so choose. Again, if you have an internet connection, you have access to your files.
Always Updated
In a traditional deployment model, the IT department is required to install Microsoft Office on every device in the school that is expected to use it. Then in order to update the application to a new version, the IT team must do so manually. This is true for all on-premise applications, but with Microsoft Office, it also requires the organization to purchase the new edition of the office suite. With Microsoft Office 365, the application is updated by Microsoft in the cloud. The student or faculty member automatically accesses the most up to date version of the application every time they log on. There is no maintenance, and there are no manual updates, which can help lighten the load on the IT department.
New Licenses
Students don’t have the same relationship with their organization as employees do. You can expect an employee to stay for several years, and if the incentives are aligned correctly, you may be able to keep an employee for decades. Students are sure to graduate or leave the school within a specific window of time. Microsoft Office 365 makes it easy to wipe the graduate’s data and reuse the license for an incoming freshman.