IT Support

Proactive Support – (Monitoring, patching, preventive measures). After an initial assessment and IT health check, our engineers install the necessary software and hand over to the Tech Ops team who continue to regularly monitor and update your IT to ensure that it is always compliant, secure and running smoothly. In addition, you will be notified when renewals are coming up, or if there are any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, and will receive an urgent phone call if there is a serious issue.

Reactive Support – (Remote and onsite assistance, break-fix and user guidance). The proactive element naturally results in reduced faults, but some niggly issues may still need attention. We offer a 24/7 NZ-based support helpline and a comprehensive ticketing system to ensure that all users are responded to as efficiently as possible. Our lovely Tech Support engineers are super-skilled and can normally fix most things over the phone, but if not – there is the option of having one of them visit you. All you have to do is arrange a convenient time and put the kettle on ?

Our helpdesk uses an industry standard tool to allow for constant feedback and improvement, plus a way for you to escalate or call us in case of emergencies.

Service Level Agreement – Priorities and Response Times

The Help Desk will use the following guidelines in prioritizing requests and will strive to begin working on the problem within the target timeframe. Actual response times may be shorter or longer depending on the volume of requests at any one time.

Priority Criteria Target Response Time *
1 Affects more than five individuals; or is mission critical and there is no workaround available.

Examples: E-Mail services are not functional; network printing is not available; classroom computing technology is not functioning pending a class.

Will call or page technicians for immediate response.
2 Affects one to five individuals, no workaround available.

Example: Personal document located on a user’s hard drive must be printed, but a user’s monitor is not functional.

Initial response within 8 working hours.
3 Affects fewer than five people, workarounds available.

Example: Can’t check e-mail from one computer, but could use WebMail from another computer.

Initial response within three working days.
4 No effect on productivity, or unsupported software.

Examples: Monitor showing b/w instead of color. CD player has no sound.

Best effort as time allows.

Managed Services

Companies generally look to outsource when areas of their business are more cost-effective and efficient when managed by a specialist service provider. Here, at Support IT, we are in effect the IT department for many of our customers who rely on our team to provide everything their business requires. For others, we provide specific specialist services. We also work alongside existing IT departments to provide expertise and consultation for specific functions or we manage the more burdensome tasks that free up their IT staff’s valuable time.

We don’t believe in shoehorning businesses into our menu of services – whatever you need Support IT can tailor a managed service to suit your business large or small.

Why a Managed Service Contract:

We have found times have changed and the days where a customer would ring up if had a problem are disappearing. Now with managed services, we can see problems before you do with special software and our staff monitoring your servers and workstations. What does this mean for you? Issues can be fixed before becoming major problems and downtime can be dramatically reduced. This Proactive measure is the way of the future and is highly recommended

The below is an example Package includes a level of Managed Services and Proactive Support.

What the contract Included:

Included in a monthly fixed price will be the following:                                                                                                                                              

  • Half day visits per week plus unlimited callouts to cover hardware issues and other faults that can’t be practically done remotely as well as computer maintenance and documentation.
  • Unlimited remote support via telephone, email and remote access
  • Weekly checking of scheduled backups
  • Monthly report of helpdesk issues, hardware failures, and other computer related problems
  • Remote monitoring of Server and Networking Equipment
  • Jobs can be booked either from Helpdesk website, Phone or by Email

What the contract Cover:

This contract has been tailored to cover the following items:

Type of Equipment Servers Workstations Laptops Tablets Chromebooks IP phones
Number 1 40 20 100 150 20

Cost of Contract

The monthly cost for this preventative support contract is below and is paid one month in advance: $ 1295.00 +GST

This is only one example of a contract we can offer, we prefer to meet you onsite do a free 2 hr Audit of your site and then produce a contract which meets all of your requirements and covers all of your IT hardware.

Please call us on 0800 PC SUPPORT to talk to us about contracts