Reduce downtime and on-site break-fix costs
intelligent remote monitoring and alerting provide up to the minute information on your IT systems.

If a problem occurs:

  • Technicians can immediately take control with remote management tools
  •  Management can be alerted if the problem will impact business performance

If an onsite visit is required, technicians can easily access key support information, including:

  • Current device details: hardware, operating system and software installed
  • Where the device is and what business groups it is associated with
  • Technicians can save real time and cost by knowing what replacements are needed

 What the contract could include:

  • * Maintenance Options
  • * Half a day a fortnight
  • * Half a day a Week
  • * Day a fortnight
  • * Day a Week
  • * Unmilited onsite callouts
  • * Unlimited remote support

Six monthly UPS Testing  – This ensures that the uninterrupted power supplies you have are working. And that the batteries don’t need replacing or cycling.

Quarterly Restoration testing from backup – Your backup system may look working but not until you restore can you be certain everything is working, so this just safe guard you so when really need the backup data you can rely on it be there.

Audit Document & Site Manual – Quarterly update documents to allow you to understand your own site better and locations of equipment.

Six Monthly Disposal and Renew report – Allows you to make informed decisions on what computer gear is oldest and should be replaced first.